Use your GFTA award funding

GFTA provides award funds on a reimbursement basis. Learn how to submit reimbursement requests and get paid.

What to do

1. Attend a workshop

Before you request a reimbursement, you must attend a funding workshop to understand the process.

Sign up for an upcoming funding workshop.

We also suggest you read our reimbursement overview to know what to expect.

2. Sign up with our payment provider

3. Fill out your funding request form

Find your funding request form in Appendix C of your signed agreement and fill it out.

This form has coding unique to your organization. Please only use the form that is in the appendices of your contract.

You may submit a reimbursement request for all expenses paid to date.

We encourage all grantees to submit 1 request form for 100% of funds.

4. Collect documentation

You'll need to support every item listed on your form with:

  • Copies of cancelled checks (front and back) or bank statements
  • Copies of properly dated and executed invoices

Payroll is usually the biggest general operating expense. Include that and other large expense items in your reimbursement request minus salaries for fundraising or grant writing staff or contractors.

Your supporting documentation can exceed the grant amount, but the request amount that you put in Appendix C cannot exceed the grant amount.

5. Email your form

Make sure you have signed your form either digitally or by hand.

Scan and include copies of required documentation for every item.

All copies of invoices and checks must be on 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets of paper. Please use the front and back of pages whenever possible.

Email forms and attachments to:

Use the subject line Invoice/Reimbursement Request – [Your Organization’s Name].

What's next

You can expect to see payment within 30 days.

Get help

Last updated August 22, 2023