Step by step

Decide if a Shared Spaces permit works for your space

Learn about the options and responsibilities of Shared Spaces permits.

Follow these instructions to decide if a Shared Spaces permit is a good decision for your organization or business.

(To renew a Public Works Table and Chair or Display permit issued before pandemic Shared Spaces permits, email us at


Update your Shared Space

We are assessing current Shared Spaces. We will tell you if your site is eligible for the permanent program later this year. 

If you already have a Shared Spaces pandemic permit, you may have to make changes to your space to be eligible for the legislated program. 

You will have to follow our updated design guidelines and rules to apply. 

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Check our permit types and options for new Shared Spaces 

If you are applying for a new Shared Spaces permit, check our permit types and options. 

We offer Shared Spaces permits for 4 different kinds of spaces: 

  • Sidewalk 
  • Curb lane 
  • Lots 
  • Street closures 

Learn about the types of Shared Spaces

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Check our rules about where you can have a Shared Space

You cannot have Shared Spaces on all sidewalks or parking lanes.  

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Read your Shared Spaces responsibilities

You must agree to our legal responsibilities to get a Shared Spaces permit. 

Read your Shared Spaces responsibilities 

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Design your Shared Space

You must submit site plans of your proposed Shared Space. Follow our instructions to design a site plan that meets our rules. 

Your plans must meet: 

  • Public Works code 
  • Transportation code 
  • Fire code 
  • Planning code 

Design your sidewalk Shared Space

Design your parklet or parking lane Shared Space

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Make your space accessible

Follow our instructions in the Shared Spaces manual to make sure your space is accessible. 

Make your space accessible

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Check what related permits you need

You need other permits for outdoor entertainment, propane heaters, alcohol sales, and other activities.

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Get your Shared Spaces permit

Once you decide you want to apply for a Shared Spaces permit, follow these steps to prepare your application, apply, and get your issued permit. 

Get a Shared Spaces permit for your sidewalk or parklet 

Open the street for business with a Shared Spaces permit 

Use private property for your business

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Last updated October 07, 2021