Shared Spaces responsibilities

You are responsible for the sidewalk and parking lane of your Shared Space. Keep it safe, accessible, clean, and quiet.

Clear path of travel

A clear path of travel is important for the safety of our community. This includes from furniture and structures and from people in line or using the space. 

It allows people with disabilities to use public space, and allows emergency responders access. 

You are responsible for a clear path of travel through and around your Shared Space.  

You are responsible for following applicable health orders and directives. 


You are responsible for providing and maintaining access for people with disabilities and those with mobility devices, like wheelchairs, canes or walkers. 

  • Follow all design requirements for creating, placing and maintaining an accessible parklet
  • Provide and maintain 8 feet of clear path at all times, and never less than 6 feet
  • When provided, patron queuing must allow for 8 feet (and no less than 6 feet) clear path at all times
  • Use diverters to indicate the beginning and end of your space
  • Keep your space clear of any tripping hazards (like uncovered cords) or overhead obstructions where someone who is blind or low vision may hit their head or otherwise be injured. 
  • When using cord covers, make sure that they are accessible
  • Display information for how to file an accessibility concern with 311 

Upkeep and maintenance

You must: 

  • Keep your parklet well-maintained and in good repair 
  • Sweep the area around your parklet and keep it litter-free 
  • Rinse out and clean debris from under your parklet at least once a week 

You may have to do pest abatement beneath your platform. 

Quiet, safe, and clean

You must keep the area of the sidewalk and parking lane quiet, safe,  and clean. See more details in the Public Works Good Neighbor Policy. 

Display your permit

Display your permit in your window or another place where it can be seen from the sidewalk. 

Access to City infrastructure

We must be able to access all City infrastructure. 

You are responsible for providing and maintaining access to the City’s infrastructure. This may include: 

  • Utility poles 
  • Fire hydrants 
  • Manhole covers 
  • Waste water systems 
  • Gas valves 
  • Cisterns and catch basins 

You may have to remove or store anything that blocks access to infrastructure. 

You are responsible for the cost of moving anything in your permitted space to allow for construction or maintenance. 

This work may include: 

  • Transit vehicles 
  • Street or sidewalk paving or striping 
  • Utility work 
  • Overhead wiring 

See more details in the Shared Spaces manual


You are responsible for any deck or parklet that you built.   

You must remove it if you are not applying for a permanent Shared Spaces permit or if you are ineligible for a permit. 

Follow our instructions to end your Shared Space.

Last updated May 19, 2022