Report a violation of sidewalk or parking lane use by businesses

What to do if you see businesses not following rules for their shared space or parklet

What to do

Some businesses have a Shared Spaces temporary permit to use the sidewalk or parking lane for business operations, like seating, dining, or retail pickup. 

These temporary permits can be revoked if businesses don’t follow the permit rules. If you think a business may be violating the rules, you can report them.

1. Check the rules

Businesses must:

Review the full list of responsibilities that businesses must follow to use sidewalk or curb space for their activities.

If you see a violation to any of these rules, you can tell 311.

2. Tell 311

Submit a complaint online if you see a business violating Shared Spaces rules.

Provide as much information as you can, including:

  • Name of business or organization
  • Address
  • What you saw
  • When you saw it

You can also call 311.



When you call 311, we will refer your complaint to the appropriate City agency.

3. After you submit your complaint

We will send complaints to the Entertainment Commission’s Community Education and Response Team (CERT).

CERT will then look into and will focus on educating and helping businesses comply. 

If a business still doesn’t follow the permit rules, the complaint is sent to Municipal Transportation Agency’s (MTA), Department of Public Works (DPW) or the Mayor’s Office on Disability (MOD) for resolution.

After you report, you will get a tracking number from 311. You can use this number, or your email address, to track your case online.

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Last updated August 11, 2023