Building permit application status updates

We are processing building permit applications. See our updates by permit type and date of submission.

We are now accepting these permit applications online:

All other new permits

See our available in-person limited services and other permit submission information.

Previous submissions

We process applications in the order they are received.

Check the permit tracking system (PTS) or property information map (PIM) for updates.

If you do not see an entry for your application in PTS, it has not been inputted into the permit tracking system.

When we receive an application, we conduct a quality review of each submission. We send the application for staff entry into PTS or for staff to schedule an over-the-counter drop-off appointment.

We will email you when your application is ready for the next step. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we route your application through the permitting process.

See our summary of where applications are in this initial review step.

Last updated: October 19, 2020

Over-the-counter permits

No plans permits

OTC No Plans Permit submissions received as of August 16 have been forwarded to the Department of Building Inspection Plan Review for processing.

Follow these instructions on how to submit a new no plans permit application.

Over-the-counter with plans permits

We have invited all eligible July and August applicants who submitted online before August 18, 2020. 

Follow these instructions on how to submit a new with-plans OTC permit application.

Reroofing permits

C-39 licensed contractors can now submit reroofing permits online. Follow these instructions on how to submit a reroofing permit.

In-house review permits (Form 3)

In-house review projects require a longer review and processing time with permitting departments.

May submissions

All submissions received in May have been assigned a Bluebeam Project ID and forwarded to DBI Plan Review.

June, July, and August submissions

All submissions received in June, July, and August have been assigned a Bluebeam Project ID and forwarded to DBI Plan Review.

Follow these instructions on how to submit a new form 3 permit application.

Other permits


We are uploading resubmitted documents to Bluebeam to address comments for projects with existing Bluebeam Session IDs for September.  

All August resubmissions have been uploaded into Bluebeam Sessions. You should have received an invitation to your new Session.

Resubmit plans for a building permit application that is in Bluebeam


Follow these instructions for revisions to issued OTC permits.

Submit revisions to an issued permit for 100% affordable housing projects and Development Agreement projects


We are currently working on addenda submitted in September.

All August addenda have been uploaded to Bluebeam and forwarded to DBI Plan Review.

Priority projects

We upload all priority projects into Bluebeam as they are submitted. Priority projects are submissions that fall under Mayoral Executive Directives 13-01, 17-02, 18-01 and Planning Director Bulletin 2.  

Sign permits (Forms 4/7)

We have processed all form 4/7 sign permit digital submissions.

New form 4/7 applications that qualify for over-the-counter review should be submitted by appointment. Follow these instructions on how to submit a new form 4/7 permit application.

Last updated October 19, 2020