Register with the City as a licensed contractor

You can file electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and Boiler to Operate permits online, if you register.

What to do

1. Get a copy of your California Contractor License documents

You must go to the California Contractors State License Board website to get your documents.

General Building contractors 

Get your B License to file building permit inspections online.

Electrical contractors

Get these licenses:

  • C10 license to obtain any of the electrical work offered online
  • C7 license to obtain any of the electrical work for low voltage offered online
  • C45 license to obtain any of the electrical work for electrical sign offered online
  • C46 license to obtain any of the electrical work for electrical for solar system offered online
  • D28 license to obtain any of the electrical work for garage door offered online 
  • D34 license to obtain any of the electrical work for prefabricated office workstation offered online.

Plumbing contractors

Get these licenses:

  • C4 or C36 license to obtain plumbing permit.
  • C16 license to obtain a sprinkler permit.
  • C20 or D34 license to obtain a mechanical permit.
  • C54 license to obtain plumbing permit for shower pan only.

2. Get a valid San Francisco Business License

You must send us a copy of your valid San Francisco Business License.

Get or renew your business license

3. Get a copy of your worker’s compensation certification

You may have to email your insurer to get this document.

4. Fill out the contractor agreement form

5. Scan or take a picture of your valid driver’s license

We need a copy of your valid driver’s license to register.

6. Send us these documents

Gather items 1 to 5 and send them to us in one email:

  • Contractors licenses
  • San Francisco Business license
  • Worker's compensation certificate
  • Completed contractor agreement form
  • Your driver's license

It takes us longer to process incomplete packets.

Department of Building Inspection

Attn: Online Permitting / DBI - Management Information Services
Attn: Online Permitting
49 South Van Ness Avenue
Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

7. Wait for our email

It will take at least 1 week to process your application. We will check your license and documents for completeness.

Once we have received all required documentation, we will email you your username and password.

If you do not qualify to register online

If you do not have the required licenses to register with the City, email us to file your permit. Provide a completed application for the permit type you are submitting.

Online Permit Filing Convenience Fee

For Electrical, Plumbing and Boiler permits, we will apply a convenience fee of up to 2.5% (with a minimum of $2.00) for all online permit filings. This fee is in addition to all current DBI Fees.

Temporary business tax certificate

You may include a temporary Business Tax Certificate instead of a San Francisco Business license. 

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Last updated February 22, 2021