Apply for WIC

Get nutrition education, breastfeeding support, a WIC card to purchase healthy foods, and referrals to healthcare and community services.

About WIC

Services provided by WIC

WIC offers helpful information and resources to help you and your family live a healthy life. Learn more about our services

Do I qualify

Learn if you or your children qualify for WIC and what to bring to your 1st WIC appointment


Hours and locations

WIC has 7 clinic locations in San Francisco. Find one closest to you


Online education

You can now complete your nutrition education from the comfort of your home!

Breastfeeding services

WIC provides you with personalized support to get breastfeeding off to a good start and to help you reach your breastfeeding goals.

Healthcare providers

WIC counts on health care providers to refer WIC-eligible families and also to refer WIC families for breastfeeding support. Learn how to best support families enroll and stay engaged with the WIC

WIC and You- We are in this together!

Formula shortages

There is a nationwide Infant formula shortage. Get information and resources to help feed your baby during this time.