Provider FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions by providers referring families to WIC.

Female provider is kneeling besides a toddler boy as she measures his height using a stadiometer.

How can I refer a family to WIC?

  • Via EPIC or CARElink (preferred method)  

  • If access to EPIC or CareLink is not available, please complete the online referral form (this form is also used by families who self refer).

Please inform families a referral will be/was made and that submitting the referral does not mean the family has been enrolled


How long will it take for a family to be enrolled in the program once a referral (both self and provider) has been submitted?

The time may vary depending on when a staff member is able to connect with participants as well as available appointment dates. Once staff gets in contact with a participant, an appointment will be scheduled. While every effort is made to enroll the family as soon as possible, typical appointment availability currently is between 2-4 weeks.


What are some things I could let families know if they tell me they have not heard from WIC to schedule their first appointment?

Please ask participant to:

  • make sure voicemail is set-up

  • check voicemail

  • make sure voicemail box is not full

If a participant does not connect with a staff member in 2 weeks, they may also contact WIC directly by calling our main office telephone: (628) 217-6890.


Are appointments in-person or by telephone?

Starting September 2022, all enrollment and recertification appointments will be in person. All other appointments will be completed over the phone or online.


A patient I spoke to today informed me that they missed their last appointment. What is the best way to reconnect them to WIC?

If a participant has the WIC app on their cell phone, please instruct them to call the phone number listed under the Appointments section of the app. If participant does not have the WIC app, please share our locations page on our website. They can call one of our sites to schedule a new appointment: WIC Locations and Hours


A patient informed me that they do not have foods/benefits on their WIC app or card. Why does this happen?

There are various reasons why this may happen:

  • Participant may have missed an appointment.

  • Participant has redeemed all of their current month's benefit and the month's benefit have not yet started

  • A PIN on the WIC card has not been set-up. To set-up the PIN or reset a PIN, participant may call the toll-free number on the back of the WIC card (1-844-4MY-FAMILY or 1-844-469-3264) 

For additional troubleshooting, please ask families to contact their WIC clinic


My patient told me that she has called WIC numerous times yet has not been able to speak with a staff member. How do I support my patient?

  • When families call the WIC clinic please advice them to
  • Leave a voicemail and include their name and telephone number
  • Make sure their voicemail is set-up so that in the event staff is unable to reach participant, they may leave a voicemail.

Staff at each of our WIC offices check voicemail messages regularly and try to return calls within 1-2 business days.


An infant under my care needs therapeutic formula (TF) (i.e., Neosure, Nutramigen, Alimentum, etc.), what do I do?

Send request to a medical supply company such as Coram or Shield. While this is processing, WIC can help to provide the TF temporarily.  For WIC to provide TF, infant must be first enrolled in WIC. 

For WIC to provide TF, we need a referral. Referrals may be sent

  • via EPIC or CareLinkWIC or

  • complete a pediatric referral form and email to . Sections 1 & 2 of the referral form must be completed and can only be signed by a healthcare provider (MD, DO, NP).  Please include patient's caregiver name, phone number, and preferred language.

 Commonly prescribed therapeutic formulas:

Last updated November 8, 2022