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Voting has closed for Supervisor Melgar's Participatory Budgeting.

What to do


1. Better traffic flow and pedestrian safety at Yerba Buena Ave and Miraloma Drive

  • Area: Monterey Heights
  • Submitted by: Monterey Heights Housing Association
  • Category: Vision Zero

We want to make it easier to cross the street, by improving the signs and crosswalk and painting. We also want to extend the concrete median to make the intersection safer for cars and people.

2. Add a pedestrian island at Teresita and Reposa

  • Area: Miraloma Park
  • Submitted by: Miraloma Park Improvement Club
  • Category: Vision Zero

We want to add a pedestrian island at the intersection. The island will make it easier for people to cross the street safely.

3. Make a parklet on Monterey Business Corridor in Sunnyside

  • Area: Sunnyside
  • Submitted by: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association
  • Category: Community Recovery

We want to make the sidewalk in the Corridor better by putting in 2 benches and a planter. This will increase foot traffic and provide seating for shoppers.

4. More trash cans = less litter in Lakeside Village

  • Area: Lakeside Village
  • Submitted by: Friends of Lakeside Village nonprofit
  • Category: Community Recovery and Vision Zero

We want to add trash cans on the sidewalk. We think this will stop litter on the sidewalk. 

5. Make it easier to play sports at the Commodore Sloat school

  • Area: Balboa Terrace
  • Submitted by: Commodore Sloat Parents' Community Organization (PCO)
  • Category: Recovery

We want to make it more fun for people to use the vacant blacktop in the Commodore Sloat schoolyard. We will do that by putting in benches, a volleyball net, basketball hoops and painting a baseball diamond on the blacktop.

6. Train teens for work

  • Area: Stonestown and Lake Merced, Outer Sunset, Oceanside, Merced Heights, Ingleside
  • Submitted by: Stonestown Family YMCA
  • Category: Community resiliency

We want to fund a 12-week program to train 12 teens in Lifeguarding, CPR and Foundations of Youth Development. These classes help teens find work. We want to run this program every 3 months. 

7. Slow down traffic on Pacheco at 8th Ave and Alton Ave

  • Area: Forest Hill, District 7- Pacheco, 8th, and Alton
  • Submitted by: Forest Hill Association (FHA)
  • Category: Vision Zero

We want to install speed bumps in the area. We think this will make it safer for pedestrians by slowing down cars.

8. Neighborfests in D7

  • Area: All neighborhoods in D7
  • Submitted by: Resilient D7
  • Category: Community Resiliency, Public Safety Activities, Neighborhood Disaster Preparedness, and Community Recovery

Neighborfests, or neighborhood block parties, bring neighbors together. That’s important in a disaster like an earthquake or a fire. We need to help each other, but we need to know who our neighbors are to be able to help them. We want to fund 27 neighborforests in D7.

9. Community space, garden and emergency hub

  • Area: Westwood Park/Mount Davidson Manor
  • Submitted by: Aptos Middle School
  • Category: Community Resiliency, Public Safety Activities, Neighborhood Disaster Preparedness, and Community Recovery

We will build a community vegetable garden, seating, and memorial space at the Aptos Middle School. We will also make an emergency response hub with emergency supplies.

10. Traffic calming and added crosswalks on Hearst Ave

  • Area: Sunnyside
  • Submitted by: Friends of Slow Hearst
  • Category: Vision Zero

We want to put in 4 painted crosswalks and new speed humps. Crosswalks would be at:

  • Hearst and Baden
  • Hearst and Congo
  • Hearst and Detroit
  • Hearst and Ridgewood

11. Supplies for monthly volunteer trash pick up and graffiti clean up

  • Area: West Portal Corridor
  • Submitted by: Resilient West Portal
  • Category: Community Recovery

We want to have supplies for a monthly volunteer trash pick up and graffiti clean up on the West portal corridor.


Sometimes there are problems with projects. When funded projects need to stop, or don’t need all the money they have asked for, we spend that extra money on other projects. We may use it to fund projects that have gone over budget, or we can use the money next year.
We fund projects that get 400 votes or more. Funds will go to departments. Departments will then keep funds in house to complete projects or go through the city contracting process to distribute.

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Last updated July 21, 2022