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Find Legacy Businesses by business type, neighborhood, or business name.


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realistic painting of a low rider
The Perfect Legacy Business Day in the Mission's 24th St. Corridor!

The Mission boasts a vast number of colorful and unique specialty stores, restaurants, bakeries, cafés, and art galleries, as well as the greatest concentration of murals in the city. Click here for the tour.


1. The restaurant and beanery Café La Bohème is the ideal place to start your perfect Legacy Business day. Enjoy a classic breakfast and their signature Mexican Mocha in the warm and comfortable dining room.


2. Head east on 24th Street, then north on Mission Street. Browse the many locally-owned shops including Latin Bridal, which celebrates Latino culture and helps keep customs and traditions alive.


3. If you’re passionate about soccer, you’ll love Elite Sports. The shop is packed with great soccer gear and sports apparel for children, teens, and adults.


4. Head south on Mission Street and treat yourself at two popular bakeries. La Mejor Bakery is a Mexican bakery serving freshly baked bread, cookies, pastries, and holiday specialties – all with exquisite authentic flavor. Dianda's Italian American Pastry Company is a purveyor of classic Italian pastries with a passion for taste and a respect for tradition.


5. Stroll east along 24th Street, the heart of the Mission. Stop in Adobe Books, a volunteer-run bookshop, art gallery, community space, and performing arts venue. Enjoy lunch at any number of nearby, locally-owned restaurants.

6. Visit Precita Eyes Muralists for a great collection of postcards, mugs, hoodies, T-shirts, books, artwork, and paints in their mural arts store. Purchase a Mission District Mural Map and take a self-guided mural walking tour of the Mission District.


7. Check out the Juan R. Fuentes Gallery at Acción Latina. The gallery promotes cultural arts, community media, and civic engagement by showcasing the work of established and emerging artists whose work reflects the nuances of Latino life. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


8. Galería de la Raza is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Xicanx/Latinx art and culture. Their “creative place keeping” ethos is rooted in social inclusion and justice. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.


9. For dinner and dessert, visit St. Francis Fountain, San Francisco’s oldest diner. Enjoy classic American cuisine, including top-rated burgers and traditional fountain desserts.


10. Head back to Mission and 24th streets and enjoy a show at Dance Brigade’s Dance Mission Theater, an artist-driven space dedicated to inclusiveness, fairness, and justice.


11. End your perfect Legacy Business day in the Mission with a late-night drink at one of two well-known watering holes. Make Out Room is a classic dance hall where you can order a jumbo-sized fresh-squeezed margarita and start (or end) a romance. Pop's Bar is the Mission’s “living room,” a gathering place for the vibrate and colorful 24th Street district. Or check out both establishments for the complete late-night experience!


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Heritage Happy Hour: Thursday, December 14 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Join us at Li Po Lounge located at 916 Grant Ave. for the next Heritage Happy Hour, a monthly “no-host” event for anyone interested in celebrating SF's architectural and cultural identity. Let’s all raise a glass to the Legacy Businesses that keep our city special!


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