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Get your City project inspected for accessibility

Follow the steps to get your project inspected by the Mayor's Office on Disability (MOD).

Field inspection is the step after your plan review.  

See our Design Bulletins and Informational Sheets for more guidance on accessibility codes and regulations. 

Schedule an inspection

To schedule an inspection, email John Koste at 


Start work inspection


90 minutes

The matrix

Prior to your first inspection you will need to fill out an MOD inspection matrix. The matrix is used for tracking both rough and final inspections as well as needed corrections. Every space on your project must be identified on the matrix.

Required inspections are indicated on the Disability Access Compliance sign off form located on your approved plans.

The purpose

The purpose of the first inspection is to meet with the architect, contractor, and owner to discuss:

  • The inspection matrix
  • Required inspections
  • Required mock-up items
  • How to avoid common construction errors before you move forward with your project
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Framing inspection


90 minutes

This inspection occurs after plumbing and electrical rough work has been installed and before the inspection by the Department of Building Inspection (DBI). It occurs before the rough frame sign off by DBI, and before insulation and sheetrock have been installed.

At a minimum, we look at:

  • Grab bar reinforcement
  • Accessibility clearances around doors and hallways
  • Rough-in locations for accessible plumbing and electrical fixtures and devices

Any non-complying items found will be documented on the MOD inspection matrix. 

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Mock-up inspection


90 minutes

Required mock-up inspections can be found on the Disability Access Compliance form on your approved plans. 

Some typical items reviewed include:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Grab bar reinforcement locations
  • Door swing clearances 
  • Fixture clearances in tight spaces
  • Adaptable cabinets
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Pre-finals and Temporary Certificates of Occupancy (TCO)


90 minutes

You should schedule this at least a week or more before the final inspection. If we find any non-complying items, we will either issue a correction notice or add notes to the DBI Job Card.

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Final inspections and Certificates of Final Completion (CFC)


90 minutes

If your project is approved, MOD will sign the DBI Job Card. If your project is for a new building, a change in use, or occupancy, then DBI will also issue a CFC.  



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Last updated February 6, 2023