Prepare a Shared Spaces Sidewalk or Parking Lane Application

April 19, 2023

Submitting a digital application online via the webform will take about 20 minutes. Once you start the form, you cannot save it and return later.

Use our application worksheet to prepare in advance:  Shared Spaces Application Worksheet (PDF)

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1.  Application Questions

These are the things we will ask you in the online application webform:

  1. Your contact information
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone Number
  2. Did you have a pandemic Shared Space?    (Yes/No)
  3. Type of Shared Space(s) you would like to apply for (check all that apply)
    • Type of Sidewalk:  Tables and chairs, Display merchandise
    • Type of Parklet:  Public parklet, Fixed commercial parklet, or Movable commercial parklet
  4. Your Business Account Number (BAN - look it up here) and Address of Business Account Number
  5. Proposed Shared Space Site Address: Project Address (and/or Block and Lot number for your address (block and lot will auto populate after adding project address)
  6. Primary Business Activity
  7. Gross revenue from your most recent tax return
  8. Does this business location have an outdoor space other than a Shared Space?  (Yes/No)
  9. Does your business have 11 or more locations worldwide?  (Yes/No)
  10. Will you be serving alcohol?  (Yes/No)
  11. Will you be serve or provide food?  (Yes/No)
  12. Will you have amplified sound? (This includes TVs with sound, live music and any amplified sound)  (Yes/No)
  13. Your business hours
  14. If applying for a parking lane permit
    • Your curb color(s): Green, Yellow, White, and/or No Color
    • Does it have parking meters? If yes, number of parking spaces (2 spaces maximum)
    • Is the parking space Marked or Unmarked?
    • Tell us more about how your parking lane will be used (short answer)
    • Does it have a bike path or is it next to a driveway, other unusual features?
  15. If applying for a sidewalk permit, how many linear square feet of sidewalk for your shared space?
  16. Permit Holder Information
    • Only one permit holder per site. Your co-operators are only for informational purposes. As the permit holder, you will have all the legal liability and responsibility for the space use and permit obligations.
    • If you will have co-operators:
      • Other name of business sharing the space
      • Contact person
      • Phone number
      • Email address 
  17. Optional demographic information
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2. Prepare other Documents to Upload

You will also need to prepare a few more documents to upload with your digital application:

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2.1 Proposed Site Plan

The site plan does not need to be computer generated. Hand-drawn site plans are OK. The site plan does not have to be drawn by an architect or designer.

You must include the following items:

  • North arrow
  • Street names and crosswalks
  • Colored curbs
  • Marked parking spaces
  • Total length and width of proposed Shared Space. You must have 3-foot emergency access gap and 3-foot setbacks on both sides
  • Business footprint (name and address), including length of your business
  • Neighboring businesses (name and address), if applicable
  • Sidewalk and street fronting business. You must include total sidewalk width and any surface obstructions, like tree wells, bike racks, parking meters, light poles
  • Utilities in the parking lane and clearance from them
  • Locations and dimensions of where you will put tables and chairs, or display merchandise.

Follow the latest design guidelines outlined in the Shared Spaces Manual

See example site plans:

Upload the site plan with your digital application.

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2.2 Certifications Form

Download, complete, and then upload this form with your digital application

Parking Lane Site Plan and Certifications Form

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    2.3 Certificate of Insurance (COI)

    Upload your Certificate of Insurance.  See example of Certificate of Insurance

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    • For sidewalk use, you must get your neighbor’s permission to use any of the sidewalk in front of them
    • For parking lane use, If more than half of marked parking space is not in front of your storefront, of any part of an unmarked parking space is not in front of your storefront. See this diagram
      • Neighbors name, neighbor’s phone number, neighbor’s email AND

    Download, complete, sign, and then upload the Neighboring Letter of Consent Form with your digital application.

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    2.5 Pictures of your Shared Space

    Take these specific pictures of your Shared Space site. We will look at pictures of your site to review your application. 

    Street views (from the right, front, and left) 

    Sidewalk views

    • 6-foot clear path of travel on the sidewalk 
    • Deck threshold level with the sidewalk 
    • Setbacks from an intersection: 20 feet for oncoming traffic and 8 feet from exiting traffic

    Parklet structure (for existing parklets)

    • Width of the entire parklet from outer edge of structure or barriers to the curb face 
    • 3-foot setback on both ends of the parklet from the end of the parking space 
    • 3-foot access gap that is open to the sky every 20 feet. If your parklet has more than 1 gap, take pictures of each one. 
    • A picture showing visibility and airflow about 42 inches high 

    Parklet details (for existing parklets)

    • Displayed street address 
    • 6-inch-by-6-inch clear gutter 
    • Reflective materials on corners of parklet from the street to the top of structure 
    • Accessible table or facility in the parklet 
    • Soft-hit posts and wheel stops in the correct position 

    Upload all your pictures with your digital application.

    Proposed Structure Diagram

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    3. Submit Digital Application on the Web

    Once you have prepared all the materials above, answer the questions and upload the documents here on the web.

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    4. After submitting your application

    1. Email confirmation. We will email you a confirmation. We will also let you know if you need to make changes to the site plan you submitted with your application.

    2. Inspection Process.  Once your site plan and your application are complete and approved, we will: 

      1. Conduct a preliminary inspection of your Shared Space
      2. Post a 10-Day Public Notice at the site
      3. After the 10-Day Public Notification period has passed, your permit will be conditionally approved
      4. You will be given time to make modifications to your existing structure or install a new structure that matches the accepted site plan. 
      5. After construction and/or remodel is complete, you must follow up with Department of Public Works ( to schedule a final site visit to verify that your Shared Space is compliant. 
    3. Get your permit.  We will email you your permit as a PDF document.  You must print and display your permit in your storefront window.

    4. Get your signs.
      1. You will come pick up your Shared Spaces signs from the Department of Public Works, 49 South Van Ness Avenue, 2nd Floor.
      2. Install your signs, take pictures, then email them to
    5. Maintenance.  You must maintain your Shared Space. Keep it safe, accessible, clean, and quiet. Shared Spaces responsibilities 

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    5. Check Fees for your Shared Space

    There are different fees for each type of permit. Fees range from $0 to $6,500 per permit depending on your permit type and other factors. Fees are adjusted every year.
    See the current fee schema here.

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