TI/YBI Small Business Enterprise (SBE) procedures

Creating development-related contracting opportunities for local small business professional service firms and construction contractors.


The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Procedures are a component of the project’s Jobs and Equal Opportunity Program (Jobs EOP).  The Procedures establish eligibility criteria for small businesses and specific participation goals for eligible SBEs. 

The SBE Procedures require good faith efforts designed to ensure broad contracting opportunities for all SBE categories.

Small Business Enterprise Procedures - TI/YBI as amended 04/13/2022

Is my business currently eligible?

To be considered an eligible Small Business Enterprise under the SBE Procedures, your business or firm must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. You are a current City and County of San Francisco-certified Local Business Enterprise (LBE), Small-LBE or Micro-LBE, or
  2. You are a current San Francisco Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII)-certified Small Business Enterprise, or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, or
  3. You are a current One Treasure Island member organization or wholly owned by a One Treasure Island member organization, or
  4. You apply for, and are granted, recognition by TIDA as an eligible SBE for the development project.  Eligible firms meeting all criteria set forth in the SBE Procedures may apply.

How can my small business apply for eligibility?

If your firm or business is not currently eligible, and meets all qualification criteria stated in the SBE Procedures, you may submit a request to TIDA for consideration of recognition.  Application submission information is found in the SBE Procedures.

Frequently asked questions and contact

Interested parties are encouraged to also refer to the TI/YBI SBE Procedures "frequently asked questions".


Wei Zhang, Treasure Island Development Authority



Last updated May 24, 2022