Find a certified LBE to work with

Search our directories to find an LBE to work with on a contract for your department.

What to do

Need help determining which LBEs you can use for a specific contract? Contact the CMD contract compliance officer assigned to work with the department issuing the contract.

Search micro and small LBE, PUC, and NPE certified firms

These firms:

  • Are generally entitled to a 10% bid discount which may vary depending on the particular contract.
  • Can be used to meet LBE subcontracting requirements without the CMD's written consent if they are certified as of the bid due date

Search SBA certified firms

These firms:

  • May be entitled to a 5% bid discount depending on the particular contract.
  • Cannot be used to meet CMD's LBE subcontracting requirements unless CMD gives written consent

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Last updated August 17, 2023