Serious Incident Protocol

Even the most effective management of affordable housing properties cannot completely prevent the occurrence of serious, negative events such as accidents, criminal activity or equipment failure. At their worst, these events can lead to property damage, displacement of tenants, bodily injury or death. If a serious incident does occur, the property owner should notify all stakeholders in the project of the occurrence as soon as possible, after emergency procedures have been followed and the situation has been stabilized.

The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development requests that owners of projects financed by this office notify us immediately if a serious incident occurs at their properties and meets one or more of the following parameters:

  • Involves serious injury or death
  • Is a serious, violent crime that involves a major police action (e.g. shooting)
  • Causes the building or a significant number of units therein to be off-line
  • Requires a resident to move out of a unit one month or longer
  • Damage to the building is significant enough to require the use of reserves

The owner should notify the MOHCD asset manager assigned to the project and provide the following information:

  • The date of the incident
  • A description of the incident
  • A description of what has been and is being done in response
  • The name, phone and email of the staff that should be contacted if there are questions
  • Confirmation that 1) the property insurance is current and 2) the insurance company has been contacted; a brief summary of their response, if available
  • Statement of whether or not the organization plans to use the project’s reserves to pay for corrective action
Last updated September 28, 2022