About us

What we do

  • Inspect shelters
  • Take complaints about the shelter system
  • Write reports to the Homelessness Oversight Commission, the Mayor’s Office and Board of Supervisors
  • Investigate Standard of Care (SOC) complaints

The Shelter Monitoring Committee does not:

  • Inspect Isolation & Quarantine (IQ) or Shelter-in-Place (SIP) hotels
  • Manage shelters
  • Make shelter reservations
  • Address denials of services
  • Counsel or advocate for clients
  • Take complaints about other clients, unless they involve violence or threats of violence


The Shelter Monitoring Committee has 12 seats.  Members are appointed by the Homelessness Oversight Commission and serve two-year terms.


Committee members must:

  • attend the SMC's monthly meeting
  • conduct at least 2 site visits per month, often in the evening

Members should allow at least 20 hours per month for these duties.

See the SF Administrative Code, Article XII, Section 20.305 for more information. 

Join the Committee

Contact the Committee for information about serving: 415-255-3642


See Section 20.305 of the SF Administrative Code (https://codelibrary.amlegal.com/codes/san_francisco/latest/sf_admin/0-0-0-13173#JD_20.305) for detailed requirements for each Seat. 

History and scope

The Shelter Monitoring Committee was established in November 2004. In July of 2007, the Shelter Monitoring Committee number of site visits, scope of Membership, and the ability to request information from City agencies regarding shelter services was established through Ordinance 150.07.

After an extensive community effort, the Standards of Care legislation was passed in March 2008, creating the City's first standard of care in the shelter system. The Committee is responsible for taking and investigating Standard of Care complaints.

SMC legislation

Ordinance 150.07

Standards of Care legislation

In July 2009, the Committee finalized a report outlining complaints taken and process of investigation of the Standard Care from April 2008 to March 2009, the first year of implementation.

Read July 2010 changes to the Standards of Care legislation and the role of the Committee.