Claim your reimbursement for paying your SF staff extra sick time

Use your emailed claims link to send information about your SF employees and how many hours they worked.

What to do

1. Refer to your approval email

Your approval email will contain the number of employees and the number of hours we have reserved funding for, to reimburse you with.

Under this program, we can reimburse you up to $311,176. That’s the equivalent to covering 499 full-time employees.

2. Gather information for your claims

In the claim form, we will ask you for the following, for each employee:

  • Employee name
  • Email address (if they are paid in cash)
  • Paystub from the last week they worked (showing the hours they worked and the total sick leave they had accrued)
  • Number of hours for the last week they worked
  • Paystub from when the extra sick leave was paid (what you expect to be reimbursed for)
  • Date that the employee depleted your company’s sick leave
  • Dates that the employee took the 80 extra hours of federal sick leave (if your business has 200 to 499 employees in all locations)

To get your reimbursement faster, sign up to receive electronic payments from the City. It will take 2 to 3 weeks to set up your account.

If you cannot receive payments electronically, we can also mail you a check.

3. Submit your claims with your custom claims link

Your approval email will contain a custom link to your claim form. Save the approval email and do not share it. It’s customized for your business.

You can use your claim link as many times as you like, for 90 days. You need to send in all your claims by then. Afterwards, any other funds reserved to you will go back into the program.

Special cases

Extra employees or hours

Extra employees or hours

If you extend sick leave to your employees for more hours than you originally estimated, we will try to reimburse you for those extra hours. For full-time employees, the most we will reimburse you is 40 hours. For part-time employees, the most we will reimburse you is the average weekly hours they worked. 

We will not reimburse you for hours that your employees did not take, even if you were pre-approved for more hours. 

If you overestimated the average hours your part-time employees worked in your pre-approval application, we will only pay the amount equal to a week of their regularly scheduled hours.

Dates for federal sick leave

Dates for federal sick leave

The federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act went into effect on April 2, 2020.

Businesses between 200 and 499 employees are required to extend 80 hours of sick leave required by this program before getting reimbursed for paid sick leave through this program. However, If an employee depleted their sick leave before April 2, you do not have to have depleted the 80 hours from the federal requirement before claiming reimbursement.

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Last updated June 30, 2022