Vote in person

You can vote at a polling place or at the Voting Center.

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Vote at the City Hall Voting Center

The City Hall Voting Center is open to all San Francisco voters and is located on the ground floor of City Hall. Beginning 29 days before Election Day, the Voting Center is open:

  • Weekdays: 8 am to 5 pm 
  • 2 weekends before Election Day: 10 am to 4 pm 
  • Election Day (always Tuesday): 7 am to 8 pm 

Vote at your assigned polling place

In every election, every local voter is assigned to one of 501 polling places. To find your polling place, check the back of your Voter Information Pamphlet or use the Voter Portal. We will also post a list of polling places on this page about a month before Election Day. This list will include language and accessibility information.

Your name will only be on the roster of voters at your assigned polling place. If you go to another polling place instead, your name will not be on the roster. You can still vote a provisional ballot there, but it may not list all the contests as the ballot at your assigned polling place.

In-person voting steps

1. Check in with an elections worker on site

Provide your name and address to the elections worker with the roster.

2. Make ballot language and format choices

If you have no preference, you will get a paper English/Chinese ballot.

3. Go to a ballot-marking area

Take your voting materials to a voting booth or accessible voting station.

4. Cast your ballot

Insert your ballot into the scanning machine at your polling place.

Or, if you received a return envelope, insert your ballot into the envelope. Fill out the envelope and drop it in a ballot box.

On your way out, pick up an “I Voted!” sticker and wear it proudly! 

In general, you don't need to show identification to vote. Only voters who did not provide identification when registering need to either show it or cast a provisional ballot.

Accessible services

Accessible entrances

Most polling places are accessible. To confirm accessibility of your polling place, check the back of your Voter Information Pamphlet.

Accessibility tools 

Every voting site has page magnifiers, pen grips, seated voting, and wheelchair accessible voting booths. Every site also has an accessible ballot-marking device with audio and touchscreen ballots.

Personal assistants

You can ask a poll worker for help marking your ballot. You can also bring 1 or 2 people (but not your employer or union representative) to help you. Remember, no one can make voting decisions for you.

Curbside voting

To vote “curbside”, call 415-554-4375 or ask someone to enter the voting site to make the request for you. An elections worker will bring your ballot outside.

Multilingual help

Our elections workers and interpreters speak hundreds of languages!

At all voting sites, we provide ballots and other election materials in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino. And, at some sites, we have election materials in Burmese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and/or Vietnamese.

Provisional voting

In some cases, voters receive provisional ballots. You will vote provisionally if:

  • You are not registered in the precinct where you go to vote
  • Our records show you already cast a ballot in the election
  • Your registration is missing required information

If you vote provisionally, you will get a ballot and provisional envelope. You must fill out the registration form on the front of the envelope and seal your ballot cards inside.

We will process your registration form and ballot after Election Day. You can track your ballot using the Voter Portal or Provisional Ballot Lookup tool.

Get help

Department of Elections

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City Hall, Room 48
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Fax: 415-554-7344
TTY: 415-554-4386

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Español: 415-554-4366
Filipino: 415-554-4310

Last updated April 20, 2023