Help for behavioral health crises

A community health approach to people experiencing mental health and substance use crises in San Francisco

“Street Crisis Response Team” by Jenna Lane

What is the Street Crisis Response Team?

The three members of a Street Crisis Response Team stand in front of the Street Crisis Response Team vehicle.

An alternative to law enforcement

We know that people experiencing homelessness and mental health or substance use challenges need specialized care and support.


Our street crises teams have the unique expertise to respond to people in crisis and de-escalate disruptions in the community.


We avoid unnecessary use of police and costly hospital stays, and address the immediate needs of people experiencing homelessness.

Three members of street crisis response team

A community paramedic, a clinician and a peer specialist

A community paramedic assesses for medical and mental health emergencies


A clinician attends to the client’s mental health needs


 A peer specialist with lived experience helps make the connection with clients to gain trust and move them to be open to care


After the response call, we follow up and connect clients to services, such as treatment and housing.

Interior of Street Crisis van with map

Neighborhood based care and support

We operate 24/7 with citywide reach.


Five teams operate by neighborhood, getting to know the unique community characteristics and individuals.


Two teams provide overnight coverage and fill in any gaps in needs.


Call 9-1-1 if you see someone in crisis and describe what you are seeing to our trained dispatchers.

Street Crisis Response Team

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Street Crisis Response Team

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The Street Crisis Response Team is a collaboration between the San Francisco Department of Public Health, the San Francisco Fire Department, the Department of Emergency Management, HealthRight 360 and RAMS, Inc. Members of the news media may contact: