Step by step

Reopening San Francisco

We are gradually reopening to keep our City safe and healthy.

This timeline may change. Our progress in loosening or tightening restrictions depends on our local public health indicators

Help slow the spread, so we can reopen more businesses. When you leave your house, you must stay 6 feet apart and wear a face covering. If you feel sick, don’t leave your house. 

Our path forward starts with lower risk activities (such as outdoor and limited contact activities). It then moves into activities that are gradually riskier (such as indoor activities), with limited capacity. In-person learning and development activities will also be prioritized and opened on a rolling basis.

Gradually reopening safely protects each of us, and will rebuild long-term confidence in our economy.

The timeline shows what has opened and what is planned, if health indicators support additional openings.  You can also see specific health directives for certain activities.


Stay home


March to May 17

Essential activities only

All non-essential employees must work from home.

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Reopening begins


May 17


  • Curbside retail for goods and services with minimal contact, including takeout and delivery
  • Outdoor businesses (that operated outdoors as of March 16)
  • All construction with protocols for small and large projects
  • Hotels, hospitality, and short-term rentals for first responders and homeless, for isolation and quarantine rooms, and as needed for essential travel and other activities that the health order permits
  • Office: all non-essential employees must work from home
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June 1


  • Non-essential manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics with fewer than 50 onsite employees
  • Non-essential curbside retail for goods, outdoor equipment rental, and limited contact services with fewer than 10 onsite employees
  • Elective surgeries and dental appointments
  • Limited private household outdoor services like a gardener or landscaping
  • Virtual appointments for real estate, but limited in-person appointments where there are no occupants
  • Professional sports practices only with approved safety plan, including regular testing
  • Office: all non-essential employees must continue working from home

Childcare and education

Culture and recreation


June 12

Outdoor dining including restaurants and bars serving food


June 15


Childcare and education

Culture and recreation

  • Small outdoor gatherings of up to 12, including religious services and ceremonies
  • Outdoor fitness with social distancing
  • Professional sports and other entertainment for broadcast, but with no in-person spectators, under approved safety plans
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July 15

The SF Zoo and Gardens will open to the general public, with safety plans in place.


July 17

Closed, due to State requirements

  • Offices for non-essential employees
  • Enclosed shopping malls
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September 1


  • Personal care services (hair salons, nail salons, barbershops, massage establishments) (outdoor only)
  • Non-contact recreational activities, outdoors (includes outdoor pools with limited capacity)
  • Restore opening of indoor malls at 25% capacity, with approved safety plan (closed seating areas and food court)
  • Funerals, indoors with up to 12 people
  • Health emergency respite centers, like cooling and cleaner air centers, indoors

Childcare and education

  • Childcare and Out of School Time programs, up to 14 children
  • Higher and adult education, up to 14 people outdoors (indoors requires approved safety plan)
  • Specialized and targeted support services for vulnerable children and youth


September 9

Gyms and fitness centers, outdoors with limited capacity


September 14

Businesses, all with limited capacity

Childcare and education

Other activities

  • Places of worship (one person at a time for individual prayer indoors, with 50 people outdoors)
  • Political activities (for example, campaign offices), with limited capacity, 1 person indoors, 50 people outdoors for protests


September 21

Businesses, with limited capacity

Childcare and education


September 30

Businesses, with limited capacity

  • Indoor dining, 25% capacity up to 100 people (including indoor food courts in malls)
  • More family entertainment, outdoors (carousels, miniature trains, Ferris wheels)
  • Gyms and fitness centers inside hotels, up to 10% capacity
  • Indoor malls with increased capacity, up to 50% with an approved safety plan

Other activities

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Now: October

October 7


October 14


Now: October 27

  • Non-essential offices, with limited capacity
  • Climbing gyms, indoor, with limited capacity
  • Indoor gyms with increased capacity (but no indoor cardio classes)
  • Indoor personal care that includes mask removal for some services
  • Outdoor higher education classes with increased capacity


Education, on rolling basis

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Goal: November

Goal: November 3

Businesses, new with limited capacity

  • Swimming pools, indoors
  • Bowling alleys, indoors, and other family entertainment centers
  • Locker rooms in indoor gyms
  • Drive-in live performances

Activities with increased capacity

  • Places of worship, indoors and outdoors
  • Political protests
  • Movie theaters, indoors, with no food or drink
  • Dining, indoors
  • Indoor zoos, museums, aquariums
  • Film production, indoors


Goal: Mid-November

  • Bars, wineries, and breweries without food (outdoors)


Education, on rolling basis

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Goal: TBD

The following are considered to be higher-risk activities. Each will be carefully assessed based on the City’s health indicators and the best available science. We will provide an update in mid-October on the progression of these sectors.

Business, all with limited capacity

  • Contact recreational sports, outdoors
  • Bars, wineries, and breweries without food (indoors)
  • Convention and event centers
  • Night clubs
  • Performance spaces, indoors (theaters, concert halls, music venues)

Other activities

  • Places of worship, indoors, with increased capacity
  • Non-contact recreational sports with shared equipment, indoors
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Full reopening

We will remove all social distancing limits and other restrictions related to the COVID-19 response.

All activities will be allowed.

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Last updated October 27, 2020