Get your COVID-19 booster

The new two-strain vaccine is available for all those aged 6 months and older.

What to do

New COVID-19 boosters

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized, and CDC has recommended, Pfizer and Moderna bivalent vaccine (“two strain”) boosters, for ages 6 months and above. The new boosters are more effective against the current COVID-19 variants. Here is what you need to know: 


  • Health care providers and pharmacies will administer the majority of the COVID-19 vaccines, including the bivalent boosters. Those with health insurance are encouraged to reach out to their health care providers for the booster or check with their local pharmacy 

  • You are eligible for the new booster 2 months following completion of your primary COVID-19 vaccine series or 2 months after your most recent monovalent booster shot. The primary COVID-19 vaccine series consists of 2 doses for most people.  Persons with moderate-to-severe immune compromise, and children ages 6-months to 4 years of age who receive Pfizer vaccine, require a 3-dose primary series.   

  • The new bivalent vaccine is more effective against current COVID-19 variants. The original monovalent (Pfizer and Moderna) vaccine will no longer be used as boosters but are still safe, effective, and fully approved for someone’s primary series dose. 

  • COVID-19 vaccine, including the new booster, are safe to give at the same time as flu vaccine.

To get your booster, go to your doctor or nearby pharmacy or vaccine site. Many sites take drop-ins.

Boosters are free and key to keeping San Francisco safe.

Who is eligible

  • All persons aged 5 years and above, including those with moderate-to-severe immune compromise, are recommended to receive a bivalent booster dose two months after completing their primary COVID-19 vaccine series or two months after receiving their last monovalent booster shot.    

  • For children aged 6 months through 4 years, the booster schedule depends on whether the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine was given for the primary series. To determine your child’s eligibility please check with your healthcare provider or refer to this CDC infographic.   

Where to get your booster

Your doctor’s or healthcare group

Set up a time with your doctor or healthcare group where you're a patient.

The majority of people in San Francisco get their boosters this way. Large health systems and some clinics have vaccine sites that can take in more people.

A nearby pharmacy

You can also go to a nearby pharmacy. Many take drop ins.

You may be asked to give proof of insurance. But pharmacies will still give you a vaccine or booster if you don’t have insurance.

One of our affiliated sites

If you don’t have insurance, are a member of the San Francisco Health Network, or face barriers accessing vaccines, go to one of our affiliated vaccine sites. Many take drop ins.

Last updated December 13, 2022