Report concerns about street crises and conditions

Request help for a person experiencing homelessness, or report concerns about street crises and conditions. We are committed to getting you to the help that is needed.

What to do

The City is dedicated to getting the right resource to you, at the right time. No matter what number you call - 911, 311 or non-emergency safety - we will do our best to get you the help you need. Please scroll down for important information on what number to dial, this will help ensure your concern gets to the right agency quickly. 

Call 911 for emergencies

If there is an emergency, or if you see someone who needs medical care or is hurting themselves or others, call 911 immediately.

A highly trained dispatcher will assess the details you report and determine the best response. 

Examples of situations where you should call 911:

  • Fire
  • Illegal activity or crime in progress
  • Aggressive, violent, or threatening behavior
  • Destructive or dangerous behavior (walking into traffic, climbing structures) 
  • Person holding a weapon
  • Presence of a gun
  • Medical emergency
  • Acute behavioral health crisis or overdose
  • Unresponsive person laying on sidewalk where you're not sure if medical care is needed. Do not touch or move the person to assess the condition.

Call 311 for issues related to street conditions

Use the online services linked below, or call 311 for issues related to street conditions.

Call non-emergency safety

Call San Francisco non-emergency safety at 415-553-0123 for other concerns, including:

    • Encampment in a vehicle
    • In-progress noise complaints and loitering
    • People, structures, or encampments blocking:
      • Entrances to residences or businesses
      • Sidewalks, where less than 4 feet of clearance is given
    • Concern for a homeless pet
    • Aggressive pan-handling
    • Person who is cursing, yelling, or making other loud noises
    • Person who is intoxicated or sleeping
    • Person who is laying on sidewalk and is responsive, non-threatening, and does not appear to have an emergency medical problem
    • Well-being checks for persons who appear to be in distress but are not behaving in a way that indicates they would cause harm to themselves or others

    Special cases

    Needles and sharps

    Needles and sharps

    Discarded hypodermic needles and sharps can also be reported to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation for pick up.

    Call or text the SF Aids Foundation Syringe Disposal Hotline at 415-801-1337 between 7 am and 7 pm, 7 days a week. They will respond to the concern with a picture of the area cleared within 2 hours.

    You can also call 311 to report needles and sharps for removal and clean up. 

    Get help



    415-701-2311 if you are calling from outside of San Francisco

    For TTY, press 7

    Last updated August 16, 2023