Remove your property from the vacant or abandoned building list

If you are moving in, working on, or selling your vacant property, you can apply to change its status to avoid fees.

What to do

1. Check if your building or storefront is eligible to be removed from the vacant building list

You can request to have it removed from the registry if you:

  • Are occupying the property yourself
  • Were issued a building permit for the property (for only as long as work is being performed)
  • Are listing the building for sale

2. Document that the building is being used

If you are now occupying the property 

Get a copy of all of your most recent:

  • PG&E or gas and electric statement
  • Recology and Garbage statement
  • PUC or water statement
  • Current lease or rental agreement indicating property address (if currently a rental) or a copy of the property insurance policy indicating the subject property address and policy expiration referenced on the policy (if owner-occupied),

If you were issued a building permit

Get a copy of the signed job card.

If you are selling the property

Get proof of the sales listing, including real estate number or MLS number.


3. Send us the documents


You can also give us your documents by mail or in person.

Department of Building Inspection

Code Enforcement Section
49 South Van Ness
Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Last updated March 29, 2023