Shelter Monitoring Committee

We track the conditions of group shelters in San Francisco. Staff take and investigate complaints.

In this page:

    The SMC approved a resolution on 7-20-2022 calling for a more equitable PIT count.


    Meeting calendar

    We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

    Meetings during COVID-19

    We are currently meeting online via Webex.


    Our mission is to promote a universal standard of care in San Francisco shelters. We document conditions in shelters. We improve health, safety, and treatment for people in shelters.


    Committee Members

    Jonathan Adler
    Chair, Seat 7 (LHCB)
    SMC Member
    Diana Almanza
    Vice Chair, Seat 4 (BOS)
    SMC Member
    Cris Plunkett
    Secretary, Seat 2 (BOS)
    SMC Policy Subcommittee Chair
    Britt Creech
    Seat 3 (BOS)
    Member Seat 3
    Joaquin Remora
    Seat 5 (BOS)
    Member Seat 5
    Traci Watson
    Seat 6 (BOS)
    DPH Health Worker 3
    Steven Clark
    Seat 8 (LHCB)
    SMC Member
    Kaleese  Street
    Seat 9 (LHCB)
    SMC Member
    Melanie Muasau
    Seat 10 (LHCB)
    SMC Member
    Lisa Rachowicz
    HSH Member, Seat 11 (Mayor)
    HSH Manager
    Tomiko  Eya
    DPH Member, Seat 12 (Mayor)
    DPH Manager
    Belinda  Dobbs
    Seat 13 (Mayor)
    Member Seat 13


    1380 Howard Street
    1st Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94103



    We return voicemails Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm. All calls are confidential as much as possible while complying with mandatory reporting laws. You do not have to give your name, though it can be difficult to investigate a complaint without one.