Reporting concerns about street crises and conditions

The City is dedicated to getting the right resource to you, at the right time. No matter what number you call - 911, 311 or non-emergency - we will do our best to get you the help you need. Please scroll down for important information.

Call 911 if there is an emergency:

  • Fire
  • Weapons, violence, making threats, aggressive behavior, destructive behavior (going into traffic, dangerously climbing structures)
  • Illegal, criminal activity, crimes in progress
  • Medical emergencies
  • Acute behavioral health crisis or overdose
    • For Adults: first responder may be a non-law enforcement, street crisis team depending on call/incident details.


Contact 311 for concerns related to street conditions:

  • Tents, structures, encampments
  • Abandoned RV/vehicle or shopping carts
  • Trash, debris, human or animal waste
  • Medical waste (You can also contact: SF Aids Foundation, Syringe Disposal - (415) 801-1337)

311 Website

311 Mobile App

Call the non-emergency number at (415) 553-0123) for the following concerns:

  • Encampment in a vehicle
  • Noise complaints and loitering
  • People, structures, or encampments blocking entrances to property (residences, businesses) or blocking sidewalks in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • i.e. people, structures or encampments that are violating ADA by blocking safe and full access of sidewalks and other public spaces for people with disabilities.


If you are experiencing homelessness and need help, call SFHOT:

The SF Homeless Outreach Team can be reached at 415-355-7401.

SFHOT is a bridge to shelter, housing resources and other support services. 

Last updated November 29, 2022