Create community benefits

We will ask how your cannabis business will support the wider community.

Along with a Good Neighbor Policy, your business can support the community in other ways. We will ask about these plans on the application.

Set up an optional compassion program

Only cannabis businesses who have compassion programs can subsidize cannabis products. Compassion programs are only for qualified medical cannabis users.

On the permit application, we will ask you:

  • The populations you plan on serving
  • About how many patients will take part
  • How you will keep records and ensure patient privacy
  • How much of your inventory you will reserve for compassion patients

Outline your equity goals

We want to know how you plan to:

  • Help equity businesses, such as rent free space and technical help
  • Provide opportunities to people harmed by the War on Drugs
  • Support San Francisco’s broader equity goals
Last updated May 19, 2022