Rehousing COVID-19 Alternative Shelter Program guests

San Francisco is helping individuals experiencing homelessness find housing after staying in SIP hotels.

The City launched the COVID-19 Alternative Shelter Program in April 2020. This was a temporary emergency program. It provided a safe place for people without housing or who could not isolate safely.  

Shelter-in-Place (SIP) hotels were one type of shelter in the Alternative Shelter Program. SIP sites prioritized people experiencing homelessness who were most vulnerable to COVID. Guests did not need to have COVID to stay. The City opened 25 SIP hotel sites.  

The City must move from response to recovery. This means closing the COVID-19 Alternative Shelter Program slowly and safely.  

The City offers SIP hotel guests stable exits from the Alternative Shelter Program. The City aims to move most guests into housing, if available. Housing is the solution to homelessness.

Process to rehouse SIP hotel guests

The City is rehousing SIP hotel guests. This means moving people from temporary SIP hotels into housing options. During the rehousing process, staff: 

  • Assess the needs of each guest
  • Match each guest to the right type of available housing  
  • Help the guest prepare the documents needed for housing  
  • Help the guest move into the housing unit  

The dashboard below shows how many guests exited the SIP hotels and how many remain.

Data notes and sources

There may be more than one person per hotel unit. So, there may be a higher number of individuals in SIP hotels than units occupied.

The data team is working to publish more dashboards soon. These future dashboards will include information on where guests exited to.