COVID-19 health orders and directives

San Francisco health orders and directives, and related guidance.


Health orders

Order of the health officer of the city and county of San Francisco encouraging COVID-19 vaccine coverage and reducing disease risks.

Additional resources regarding C19-07y:

Order of the health officer requiring certain healthcare facilities within the city to offer and conduct COVID-19 testing.

Additional resources regarding C19-15e:

Order of the health officer requiring hospitals in San Francsico to provide patient data for inpatients with COVID-19 infections for the purpose of public health prevention and response efforts.

Order of the health officer requiring large healthcare providers to deliver to the health officer comprehensive COVID-19 vaccination plans and requiring all vaccine providers, at the the health officer's request, to make available COVID-19 vaccination data.

Order of the health officer allowing minors to consent to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and allowing vaccine providers in the city to rely on that consent.


Order of the health officer establishing safety requirements for collecting and handling clinical specimens for COVID-19 testing by private operators of specimen collection sites.

Health directives

Directive of the health officer regarding COVID-19 isolation and quarantine. It was previously two separate directives.

Directive of the health officer directing all individuals diagnosed with or likely to have COVID-19 to self-isolate. This isolation directive has been combined with the quarantine directives, refer to Directive 2020-02.

Rescission of Directive 2020-14k Program for Children and Youth and Directive 2020-33j Schools.