Apply for an internship with DPA's Law and Justice Reform Internship Program

The Department of Police Accountability has opportunities for students interested in public service. Applications for Fall 2023 will close out on May 30 at 5:00 pm.

What to do

    Internships at the Department of Police Accountability (DPA) give students the opportunity to learn about:

    • Police policies and practices 
    • Criminal or constitutional law
    • Public safety, employment, and administrative law
    • How local government works
    • Relationships between policy, law, and community engagement

    We have internship opportunities for:

    • High school seniors
    • College students
    • Graduate students


    We look for interns with:

    • Strong verbal and written communication skills 
    • The ability to think critically and solve problems
    • A passion for local government, justice issues, race disparities, and policy 

    Highlights according to previous interns

    “Gaining valuable experience working w/ career prosecutors and attorneys”

    Haesl Jackson


    “Researching policy for best law enforcement practices”

    Veronica Gray


    “Conducting Policy research related to the transparency of Police Departments that I was not aware of until now”

    Athena Edwards


    “Researching trends in police reform proposals and implementation”

    Oliver Smith



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    Last updated April 14, 2023