Providing healthcare on the street

Our program provides street-based, low-barrier outreach, engagement and care for unsheltered people experiencing homelessness. We aim is to reduce the incidence of harmful events such as fatal overdose and infectious diseases.

“Health Director Dr. Grant Colfax with the Street Medicine Team” by Linda Acosta

What we do

Street Medicine staff engages patient by offering haircut
“A member of the Street Medicine team connects with a patient by first offering a haircut,” by Jessica Naugle


  • We engage the most vulnerable people without housing  

  • We bring medical services into the community  

  • We hold offsite clinics at partner locations, including  harm reduction sites, , neighborhood pop-up health fairs, and drop-in centers 

  • We enable people to access healthcare at places they already feel safe 

  • We partner with the Maria X Martinez Health Resource Center, which utilizes a no appointment/open access model. 

  • We develop relationships with our patients to earn their trust 

  • We  address trauma people have experienced in the medical system 

  • We offer nonjudgmental and patient-centered care by listening to the priorities of the people we serve 

Street Medicine nurse provides wound care to a patient on the street
“A Street Medicine nurse provides wound care to a patient on the street,” by Jessica Naugle


  • Urgent care for acute issues like wounds or injuries, and transitional primary care for health care maintenance or chronic health conditions, including linkage to specialty services such as cardiology 

  • Testing and treatment for infections such as STIs, HIV, Hepatitis C, and COVID 

  • Prevention of disease through vaccination or HIV prevention medication 

  • Psychiatric assessment and support for people with severe mental illness or other mental health issues 

  • Overdose follow-up and linkage to harm reduction services, substance use treatment services, and Medication for Addiction Treatment including low-threshold buprenorphine 

  • Low threshold palliative, end of life care for patients with life threatening conditions who are unable or need support to access traditional palliative/ hospice care 

Street Medicine Nurse visits a patient who recently moved into supportive housing
“A Street Medicine Nurse Practitioner visits a patient who moved into supportive housing,” by Jessica Naugle


  • While working with Street Medicine, patients may be linked to substance use treatment, mental health services, case management, or other community services to help them reach their goals.  

  • People who need additional support to thrive in community may be linked to programs such as Intensive Case Management services or In Home Support Services. 

  • Once patients reach a certain level of stability, we support them in graduating from our services to traditional primary care.   


In this video

Dr. Barry Zevin leads the Street Medicine team and has treated patients experiencing homelessness for more than 25 years. He talks about the work of his team. 


In this video

Shannon Ducharme is a health worker on the Street Medicine Team and talks about engaging with people on the street


In this video

Leah Warner is a nurse practitioner on the Street Medicine team and talks about transitioning clients to primary care


If you start to feel sick, get tested for COVID-19 right away.

Go to the Maria X Martinez Health Resource Center (8:30 am - 4:30pm, Mon-Sat) for in-person testing and care.

Street Medicine patients can call our medical officer of the day at 415-369-7969 (8:30-5pm, M-S).

For after hours care, call 628-217-5800 5 pm-8:30 am)



  • Medical Director: Dr. Barry Zevin
  • Nurse Manager: Joel Parker

Our story


Types of patient engagement we provide

  1. Neighborhood Outreach 

  2. Referrals & Focused Outreach 

  3. Offsite Clinics

  4. Health fairs