Send in pre-shoot paperwork for your film rebate

Continue the Scene in San Francisco rebate process before you start principal photography.

What to do

1. Download and complete preliminary calculation form

2. Complete paperwork for your First Source Hiring Agreement

Fill out the First Source Hiring Agreement - Film Commission and save a copy of the signed form.

Prepare a final list of San Francisco residents you hired to work on the production. Include their:

  • Job title
  • Start date
  • Starting wage or salary
  • Expected length of employment

3. Send us the forms and other production documents

Attach to the email:

  • Form B
  • A completed First Source Hiring Agreement
  • Final list of city residents to be hired through First Source Hiring
  • Written notice on official letterhead of start date of principal and ongoing photography
  • Crew call for first day of production
  • Production shooting schedule
  • Current “sign-off” budget, below the line expenses only
  • Copy of business license
  • Crew list

Special cases

Appealing the rebate

Appealing the rebate

If you disagree with the outcome of the rebate, you can appeal.

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Last updated October 28, 2022