Sell cannabis at your event

You need to apply for state licenses and tell us about your event's vendors, staff, and premises.

What to do

1. Apply to be or partner with a state event organizer

Only licensed Cannabis Event Organizers can apply for a Cannabis Business Temporary Event permit. You can apply to be one yourself, or partner with a Cannabis Event Organizer.

If you apply yourself, you will need to get a background check.

2. Get an authorization letter from the Office of Cannabis

Ask for this authorization letter 90 days before your event. You will attach this letter when applying for a state event permit. 

3. Decide how many attendees you want to have

The permit fee depends on how many attendees you plan on having at your event:

  • For 500 or fewer people, $500
  • For 501 to 1000 people, $1,000
  • For 1001 to 2500 people, $1,500
  • For more than 2500 people, $3,000

4. Get information from your vendors

We will ask you for information about cannabis businesses at your event. This includes retailers, distributors, exhibitors, or advertisers. Manufacturers and cultivators can be at your event, if they are exhibitors.

You will need to ask your cannabis vendors for:

  • A contact person who will be onsite and reachable by phone during the event
  • Cannabis permit number, if they’re based in San Francisco
  • Digital copy of state and local licenses, if they’re based outside of San Francisco
  • A list of all employees who will sell cannabis goods

5. Draw your premises diagram

You will upload a premises diagram of your event location. It must be to scale and in black and white.

The diagram must show:

  • where the event will be taking place on the location grounds
  • entrances and exits that will be used by attendees
  • main path of travel through your event
  • cannabis consumption areas, if applicable
  • where cannabis goods will be sold
  • where cannabis waste will be stored
  • where cannabis goods will be stored
  • where cannabis will be loaded and unloaded during event setup and breakdown
  • numbered booth locations containing business names of each cannabis vendor
  • locations of emergency services, including ambulances

6. Apply for a state event permit

Submit this application 60 days before your event.

You will upload the authorization letter from San Francisco’s Office of Cannabis, as well as your event information.

Apply for a Temporary Cannabis Event license at the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

7. Apply for San Francisco’s event permit

You need to finish this application 1 month before your event.

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Last updated June 30, 2022