Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management’s Extreme Weather Resilience Program. Below is an overview of this program, its benefits and the type of equipment that is available for acquisition after being approved for participation in the program. If you have any questions, please contact us at DEM-SFWR@sfgov.org.

The San Francisco Extreme Weather Resilience Program aims to strengthen citywide resilience by establishing a network of culturally competent community-serving organizations that are equipped to maintain service for the community during times of extreme weather.

Wildfires and extreme heat events in California have increased significantly over the past several years, causing negative impacts to vulnerable populations in San Francisco. The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (SFDEM) has gained access to regional and state funding to purchase and deploy air filters, air conditioners, solar charging stations and gas-powered generators to community-serving organizations so they can protect the health and well-being of clients, staff, and guests during severe weather events.

Important Program Activity Dates

  • Application Window Opens - December 7, 2022
  • Online Program Application Q&A Briefings
    • Thursday, December 15, 2022 at 2pm-3pm – register here
    • Wednesday, January 11th, 2023 at 11am-12pm – register here
    • Thursday, January 19th, 2023 at 2pm-3pm – register here
    • Tuesday, February 7th at 11am - register here
    • Wednesday, February 15th at 3pm - register here
    • Tuesday, February 28th at 11am - register here
    • Thursday, March 9th at 3pm - register here
    • Tuesday, March 14th at 11am - register here
  • Application Submission Deadline - Friday, March 17th, 2023 at 5pm
  • Application Review and Selection of Participating Agencies - March 2023
  • Application Questions


Program Benefits

  • Streamlined access to weatherization equipment at no cost*
  • Technical guidance on how to protect the health and well-being of clients and staff during extreme weather events
  • Increased connectivity to the City’s emergency response operations during extreme weather and other emergencies impacting San Francisco

*NOTE: Participating agencies are eligible to receive equipment at no cost based on the terms and conditions of the program; however, costs related to operation, maintenance and replacement parts are the participating agency’s responsibility.

Equipment Details

SFDEM has secured access to a wide range of equipment for deployment to participating agencies.  Available types of equipment include:

  • Portable high-capacity air cleaner/filtration devices - view sample here*
  • Portable air conditioner/cooling devices - view sample here*
  • Portable solar powered charging stations - view sample here*

*NOTE: These are samples of the type of equipment available through this program and may not represent the actual equipment that a participating agency will receive.

IMPORTANT: Please note the following:

  • Replacement filters. Air cleaning equipment secured through this program may not come with replacement filters.  In such cases, the participating agency will be responsible for securing replacement filters.  
  • In some cases, the equipment is already in the City’s inventory and available to deploy right away. If the City is unable to arrange for delivery, the recipient may need to pick up their equipment.


Program Participation

To participate in this program, agencies agree to the following:

  • Complete the program application – see link below
  • If the agency’s application is selected, attend a partner agency onboarding meeting with SFDEM staff to review program details and conditions
  • Coordinate with the City on delivery, installation, and use of equipment
  • Participate in citywide activations during extreme weather events


Eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a community-serving organization located within the City and County of San Francisco.
  • Must primarily serve one or more populations vulnerable to extreme weather, including but not limited to: children, seniors, people with disabilities or access and functional needs, people experiencing homelessness, and residents in historically underserved neighborhoods.
  • Must agree to sign a Letter of Agreement with the City and County of San Francisco that includes the following requirements:
    • The equipment must be used in spaces that are used primarily for providing programing and services to the clients and guests of the organization.
    • The organization agrees to manage the use of equipment, i.e. staffing and utilities, in regards to its operation and storage.
    • The organization agrees to participate in all reporting activities associated with grant funding requirements.
    • The organization agrees to provide fair and reasonable maintenance of the equipment including filter replacement and basic cleaning.
    • The organization agrees to provide basic asset management information, i.e. serial number, to the Department of Emergency Management as well as adhere an asset tracking number sticker to each device.


Selection criteria:

Eligible organizations that complete the application process will be prioritized for selection based on the following criteria. Please note, the criteria below will be used for prioritization only and will not exclude organizations from eligibility.

  • Serves one or more of the following populations especially vulnerable to heat and poor air quality in San Francisco:
    • Seniors
    • Youth and transitional age youth
    • Unsheltered, unhoused, and/or marginally housed
    • People with disabilities and/or access and functional needs, including homebound
    • Low income households
  • Provides one or more of the following services to their community or clients:
    • Senior services
    • Youth and transitional age youth services
    • Child care
    • Health care
    • Housing or shelter
    • Food access or coordination
  • Is located in, or serves, populations primary located in the following geographic locations identified as vulnerable to extreme weather hazards as represented by one or more of the following maps:
  • Is open to programming for clients/community members at least 40 hours of operation a week including nights, weekends and legal holidays.



To participate in this program, please complete the application here.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management’s Extreme Weather Resilience Program.  We hope you’ll consider applying to participate in the program.

If you have any questions, please contact us DEM-SFWR@sfgov.org.