Suspended and debarred contractors

Debarment procedures are used to disqualify contractors from the City’s bidding process. View the current list of suspended or debarred contractors.

Current list

Balmore Hernandez and his company Azul Works, Inc.

Nick James Bovis and his company SMTM Technology, LLC

Alan Varela and William Gilmartin III and their company ProVen Management Inc.

Florence Kong and her companies SFR Recovery Inc. and Kwan Wo Ironworks Inc.

Wing Lok “Walter” Wong and his companies W. Wong Construction Co., Inc., Green Source Trading, LLC, and Alternate Choice, LLC

  • Vendor status: Suspended
  • Term: Suspension issued 3/1/21. Valid until further action.
  • Related records: Suspension Order from City Attorney
  • The end date of the Suspension is 3/2/2026.


Semi-annual reports

Debarments & Suspensions Report, as of 06/30/2022, issued 07/01/2022

Debarments & Suspensions Report, as of 12/31/2021, issued 01/03/2022

Debarments & Suspensions Report, as of 06/30/2021, issued 07/01/2021

Debarments & Suspensions Report, as of 12/31/2020, issued 01/28/2021