Request real estate records

Get copies of San Francisco real estate records or map of city owned property.

What to do

1. Locate or inspect records

It is free to locate or inspect real estate division records. You can find San Francisco property information online. 

2. Reproduce records

Regular black and white 8.5" by 11" size records cost $0.10 per copy, plus postage.

You will need to pay the actual cost for all postage or special mailing requests.

Email: to request records or get a cost estimate prior to reproduction.

Special cases

Map reproduction

Map reproduction

Charges for map of city-owned property is $50.00 per copy. 

Special services

Special services

You must pay the actual cost if you need special services, such as:

  • Color copying
  • Electronic reproduction
  • Computer processing
  • Odd or large shape reproduction

You can get an estimate of such costs before reproduction.

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Last updated November 4, 2022