Part of Committee on Information Technology (COIT)

Privacy and Surveillance Advisory Board (PSAB)

PSAB evaluates surveillance technologies used by the City and County of San Francisco.

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    Meeting during COVID-19

    All meetings will be held virtually until further notice. Meetings will be streamed via WebEx.

    Members of the public may use the email address to sign in to WebEx if needed.


    Public comment in meetings

    To offer public comment during a meeting, use the phone number and access code provided for each meeting.


    The COIT Privacy and Surveillance Advisory Board (PSAB) meets to support the compliance requirements of the Acquisition of Surveillance Technology Ordinance. PSAB provides recommendations to COIT on appropriate action on surveillance technology policies and other ordinance required documents.


    Michael Makstman
    Chief Information Security Officer
    Jillian Johnson
    COIT Director
    Guy Clarke
    IT Governance Director, San Francisco International Airport
    Mark de la Rosa
    Acting Chief Auditor Executive, City Service Auditor, Controller's Office
    Michelle Littlefield
    Chief Data Officer
    Taraneh Moayed
    Assistant Director, Office of Contract Administration
    Nnena Ukuku
    Public Member