Pick up your approved ADU permit

Pay the remainder of your fee and get your permit when your accessory dwelling unit (ADU) plans are approved.

What to do

Pick up your approved permit

Once the tracker shows your permit is approved, you must pick it up and pay the remaining fee.

Call to find out how much you owe 415-558-6070, or bring a blank check.

You can pay by check or credit card when you pick up your permit. We do not charge a fee to use your credit card. 

The fee is 6 to 9% of the project’s construction cost, based on the Department of Building Inspection’s cost schedule, or your estimate (whichever is higher). 

Posting your permit and job card

You must post your construction permit.

The job card should be kept on the job site. Your building inspector needs to sign your job card after each inspection. 

When your project is finished you should keep the job card with your building permit and other permanent records.

Get help

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Last updated October 05, 2020