Nothing will cancel the Trans March Spirit!

A view of Trans March Rally from the stage at Turk and Taylor.
Today marks San Francisco’s 16th Trans March, and it has never been more important that we come together to honor our community and take action for a more equitable future.

Trans March is rooted in a legacy of uprisings and protests that Black Trans Women, Trans Women of Color and Gender Nonconforming people of color have led since before the 60s. Whether we talk about the Cooper Do-nuts Riots in Los Angeles, Stonewall in New York City, or Compton’s Cafeteria right here in San Francisco. We have a legacy to take to the streets to demand change. 

Trans March started in 2004, during the proceedings of the murder trials of Gwen Araujo. The defense attempted to employ a trans panic defense, which has since been outlawed in California. In conjunction with larger social, economic and political unrest for the trans community, this sparked outrage and we marched. Since then we have also protested, voted, meet with our elected officials, become elected officials, become culture icons, and we have changed the world. 

Today, we will not be marching in the streets so that we keep our community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, we will still make our voices heard, we will speak up against injustices, and we will be visible as a community. We are keeping the spirit of Trans March with us today.  

COVID-19 has surfaced age-old inequalities that our country still struggles with to this day. We know that Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and API communities have seen dramatic inequalities in infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates for COVID-19. We also know that our local trans and LGBTQ communities of color have been hit hard, as people have lost jobs, income, and housing due to the pandemic. 

Through protest, #BlackLivesMatter movement leaders have blown open a conversation about anti-Black violence and our community that was never before possible. No one can deny that anti-Black violence exists anymore.It is unbelievably painful to see the ongoing murders of Black community members continue without change. It is excruciating to see the murders of Black trans people, especially Black Trans women continue without reprieve. In addition, to witness our trans community be disrespected even in their death through police reports and local media. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is demanding change! 

That is why during this Trans March our Trans Advisory Committee (TAC) wanted to  speak up and take action against this violence and inequalities. 

Join the San Francisco Transgender Advisory Committee today at Trans March as they share a message calling on community to take action to stop anti-Black violence and launch the #TransWellnessSF campaign. Visit the campaign to sign the #TransWellnessSF petition!  

Join us NOW to watch Trans March! (Friday, June 26, 2:00 - 7:00 pm)

Also this weekend, SF Pride will be running virtual programs on Saturday from 1:00 – 9:00 pm, and Sunday 2:00 – 7:00 pm. Go to their website for more information. 

Lastly, join us on Sunday, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Marsha P. Johnson Solidarity Rally at the African American Art & Culture Complex as our local Black Trans leaders are calling for change. 

In Pride and Solidarity, 
Clair and OTI team

Transgender Advisory Committee (TAC) Statement against anti-Black violence
 (Visit to see the video of the full statement) 

We can’t live without change!  We are the Trans/GNB/GNC part of the LGBTQ+ Community.  The Transgender Advisory Committee came together in 2018 to advocate and to develop systems and programs to better serve the lives of the most marginalized in our community. No one knows what is best for us than ourselves! 

It’s been a painful and heavy four months since the COVID19 pandemic has impacted our lives.  Even before March 2020, our community has been homeless, unemployed, have limited access to essential services, and have not been afforded the privilege to dream bigger than their circumstances.  

For some, this level of stress is foreign or they seldom experience having to live their lives under so much pressure. For others, this is what we wake up to everyday. The “lucky” ones normalize this feeling of oppression just to get through, while some of us succumb to the forces of the beast.  And to this we say, NO MORE!  NO MORE to White Supremacy!  NO MORE to Transphobia!  NO MORE to Racial Inequality! NO MORE to Social Inequality!  NO MORE to Economic Inequality!  NO MORE to Police Brutality! 

Ironically, this pandemic has left us all with no other option but to stop and pay attention. To stop and notice the brutality that happens when people are silent to the injustices, the long-standing injustices that have persisted for generations. We are the Parents, Siblings, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Friends of Black and Brown Folks that are being murdered in the streets.  We are also the Trans daughters and Trans sons that are being murdered in a disparaging manner.  On May 27, 2020 Tony McDade, a Black Transman, was murdered by police in Tallahassee.  On June 8, 2020 Dominique "Rem'mie" Fells, a 27-year old Black Transwoman, was found dead in a suitcase thrown in a river in Philadelphia.  On June 9, 2020 Riah Milton, a 25-year-old Black Trans woman, was killed in Liberty Township, Ohio.  And to this we say NO MORE!!!  STOP KILLING US! 

We will NOT allow these tragic murders to go without notice and accountability.  We are here, we are Trans and Queer, and we will not let allow anyone to kill us without consequence! 




Transgender Advisory Committee Members 

Sammie Ablaza Wills 
API Equality Northern California (APIENC) 

Melanie Ampon 
SF Human Rights Commission 

Nikki Calma 
San Francisco Community Health Clinic 

Sean Dorsey 
Fresh Meat Productions 

Samuel Grey 
SF LGBT Center 

Akira Jackson 
TAJA’s Coalition 

JM Jaffe 
Lyon Martin/Trans Health Consulting 

Jessy D’Santos 
St. James Infirmary 

Rexy Amaral Tapia 
Trans March 

Jojo Ty 
SF Youth Commission