Special case weddings

Learn about rules for weddings involving military personnel, minors, or someone in the hospital or jail.

Military members

Members of the United States armed forces may be eligible for priority wedding services. 

To qualify for military priority wedding service, at least 1 party to the marriage must:

  • Be an active uniformed member of the US armed forces currently serving in a deployed or deployable unit
  • Present an active military ID at the Office of the County Clerk
  • Complete and present an Original Declaration of Active Military Service Form

Apply for military priority wedding services


People under age 18 are only eligible for a public marriage license.

To get married, the minor needs to present:

  • Written consent from at least one parent (or legal guardian) 
  • Written permission from a San Francisco Juvenile Court Judge

People who are hospitalized

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People who are in jail

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Last updated November 2, 2022