Public notices

Memos and notices on how the Office of the City Administrator works and how the public can work with us.

Budget overview
The Office of the City Administrator's budget overview for fiscal years 2022-2024.

Index to Records
The Index to Records is available to assist the public with access to City records. 

Chapter 6 regulations reissue
Amendment to the term “Responsible” to include Substantiation of a Record of Safe Performance on Construction Projects.

Records retention and destruction policy
Our policy on keeping records to comply with legal requirements.

Statement of Incompatible Activities
Policy on prohibited activities for City employees.

Annual economic statement for City-funded organizations
Learn more about filing economic statements if you are a nonprofit receiving City funds for public services.

Request for advanced determination
Submit a request explaining why an activity should not be considered incompatible with your public duties.

Millennium Tower
Permit applications and design reviews for the Millennium Tower at 301 Mission Street.

Slavery Era Disclosure Ordinance
This Ordinance promotes full and accurate disclusure of activities in the textiles industry that were involved in the slave industry. 

Notices posted to inform the public on public hearings and meetings.  


Last updated July 12, 2023