Process Server

The purpose of a Process Server registration is to make available to the public the registration of any person who, for specific compensation, makes more than ten services of process within this state during a calendar year.

Process Server registrations are valid for two years. A Live Scan is required for initial registration or if there has been a lapse in the previous registration. The filing should occur in the county where the Process Server resides or has its principal place of business. The Process Server is required to be a resident of California for at least one year immediately preceding the filing.

Persons Exempt from Registration

  • Any sheriff, marshal, or government employee acting within the course of his or her employment.
  • An attorney or his or her employees.
  • Any person specially appointed by a court to serve its process.
  • A licensed private investigator or his or her employees.

To Register as a Process Server

  • Complete a Certificate of Registration application
  • A completed "No Longer Interested" Reporting Form. (one required per individual, each general partner, or each corporate officer.
  • Bond from bonding company in the amount of $2,000 with coverage for the two-year registration period. The name on the bond must match the name indicated on the application form. The bond must be in favor of the State of California AND include the name of the county where the bond will be filed (primary county).
  • Proof of live scan service (copy of the Live Scan Form completed by Live Scan Service) is required when filing process server applications for an individual or each General Partner or Corporate officer. Any renewals will not require the live scan submission process, provided there has been no lapse in the period of registration. Applicants are required to get a Live Scan Service - Applicant Submission Form can be obtained from our office, or you can download it - Live Scan Form, before going to one of the approved Live Scan sites. A current listing of Live Scan sites offering electronic fingerprint services is available to the public on the Attorney General's website.

Note: The Department of Justice (DOJ) will only accept fingerprint images and related if those images and related information are electronically transmitted. Therefore, starting on July 1, 2005, fingerprint cards (FD 258) will no longer be accepted.

  • If registering as an individual, two (2) passport-size photos for your identification cards (temporary and permanent). Valid identification must be presented. If registering as Corporation or Partnership, no photos are required.
  • If registration contains a DBA, a copy of your current DBA/FBN (Fictitious Business Name Statement) must be presented.
Last updated December 23, 2022