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1. Contact us

Email us at so we can understand your workforce needs.

Partner with us to:

  • Find local talent with our unique database of diverse, qualified job seekers
  • Create community partnerships with access to over 120 organizations throughout San Francisco
  • Reduce your recruitment costs by leveraging our network of job centers, hiring events, and industry-specific training programs

2. Connect to a community partner

We will introduce you to community partners who will work directly with you to find and recruit diverse, local candidates.

3. Create a WorkforceLinkSF account

We will help you set up your employer account on our jobs portal so you can begin posting open positions and accessing thousands of local candidates who are pre-screened for experience and job skills.  

4. Stay in touch

Your Employer Services specialist will provide continued support and assistance until your workforce needs are met.

We help San Francisco employers attract, grow, and retain a diverse workforce.

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Last updated July 20, 2022