Dear SF

Dear SF asks San Franciscans to share their love for local small businesses, event venues, and the people who make them special. It acknowledges the transformation that these businesses are going through during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stories from San Francisco

Jamal Blake-Williams in front of his business making a heart sign with his hands

Jamal from Union Square

Dear SF,


I own a seasonal Beer, Rose & Cocktail outdoor summer series called The Lot SF in the Marina. I am also a part of August Hall/Fifth Arrow, a live music event space with a bowling alley/restaurant/bar attached.


My concern is obviously rooted in health but my concern is for my staff. I’ve worked really hard to create businesses that are not only successful for my partners and me but for the people we employ. It’s heartbreaking for this to happen to them and their families.




Jamal Blake-Williams
Business owner of The Lot SF and August Hall


Get help for the nightlife industry during the pandemic

Kent from The Tenderloin

Dear SF,


I am an immigrant from the prairies of Canada.


I will never forget the first time I pulled into SF, in a van on a punk rock tour. Traveling with seasoned veterans, the very first place they navigated that converted ambulance was 24th and Mission. a few bites into my first burrito and I was in love. Two years later I found my home here, touring with bands for most of my adult life, I was always eager to return to the best weather, coffee, food, and people you could find anywhere.


Now as we struggle to keep our beloved Great American Music Hall alive through this pandemic, I am grateful to be here and confident we will rise again.




Kent Jamieson
General manager of The Great American Music Hall

Young woman with hands making the shape of a heart

Nyla from Lake Merced

Dear SF,


I’m a San Francisco native, a high school senior who grew up in this neighborhood. I miss walking around the neighborhood, seeing folks out and about, doing what people do in the Haight. I purchased a lot of gifts from this store Life.


Because each of the items in the store are unique, like jewelry, oils, incense, I miss not being able to touch and smell the items before buying. I’m happy to keep my distance until it is safe but because I will be leaving for college at the end of the summer, I do hope I will get a chance to walk this neighborhood, go into stores, and see all the friendly faces before I leave.




Valedictorian at Mercy High School


Woman and her son in front of her business with a We love SF sign

Ellie and Sky from The Sunset

Dear SF,


My name is Ellie Christmas and I have lived in this beautiful city for over a decade. I am the creator of a vintage decor and clothing brand called Warm & True. Before the Pandemic, my business partners and I had just begun the process of designing our store when two weeks later the shut down set in.


It was a tough reality to face, especially when we were just building momentum! My heart goes out to everyone during this challenging time.


Let’s choose to focus on what We CAN DO. Support small businesses!



Ellie + Sky
Owner of Warm & True


Woman in front of her business with a We love SF sign

Michelle from SOMA

Dear SF,


We here at Minna miss you all and can’t wait to see all your smiling faces again! 




Owner of 111 Minna 

Photo of Paul, Performer from Bernal Heights

Paul from Bernal Heights


Dear SF


2 AM, I clickity-clack to Orphan Andys to enjoy a well-deserved meal funded by my tips, followed by a deep conversation with two separate strangers at the bar. I look at the clock and it’s already 4:30 AM!

As I get into my Uber back home, reluctantly back to a life of hardship, I am reminded of San Francisco’s magical way of providing me these moments of gold, even when I grow weary.




Paul AKA Juhnayarbesque
Performing artist and queer nightlife entertainer 


In this video

San Francisco Mayor London Breed invites San Franciscans to share their expressions of support, pride, and love for local businesses and the entertainment community.


dear SF we know these are challenging

times especially for our small

businesses but we also know our

community is strong and resilient now

more than ever it is important to

celebrate our business community from

our neighborhood corner stores and nail

salons to our concert halls and theaters

while we may be a part we can still come

together as one city to lift up one

another and share messages of positivity

and hope

we will get through this together



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Dear SF asks San Franciscans to share their love for local small businesses, event venues, and the people who make them special. It acknowledges the transformation that we are going through during the COVID-19 pandemic.