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Know the facts:

Still undecided?

We know some of you are still undecided about the COVID-19 vaccine.


Vaccines are safe and effective. Yes, some people may experience side effects,
but they are a normal sign that your body is making antibodies to fight the virus.

What are the side effects?

The most common side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine are: pain, itching or swelling in the arm, tiredness, nausea, headache, muscle aches, or a moderate fever.


These symptoms usually disappear soon and not everyone experiences them.


All you have to do is rest and ask your healthcare provider if symptoms persist.

Side effects are nothing compared to COVID

Remember: COVID-19 vaccines side effects can be annoying, but they are nothing compared to the effects of COVID-19.


Get your vaccine today so you can get back to living.







How does it work?

Vaccines stimulate your body’s own immune response so if you are infected with a virus, your body is ready to fight it off.


COVID-19 vaccines carry little risk, but the dangers of COVID-19 are very high.

Delta means everyone's at risk

People who are older, obese, or with other health problems are at the highest risk from COVID-19, but younger people can become severely ill, too.


A high percentage of people who experience COVID-19 symptoms develop potentially life-threatening illness.



The longterm effects of COVID are unknown

The long-term health complications associated with COVID-19 are a serious concern, and we’re still learning about them. Many patients require extensive rehabilitation after being hospitalized for COVID-19.


Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 protects you against this disease, and it also protects your community.




Protect your community and get back to living life!