Know your rights when you are renting a home.


Apply for a housing lottery preference as a displaced tenant

The Displaced Tenant Housing Preference (DTHP) helps renters displaced by no fault eviction or fire.

Avoid displacement by turning your building into affordable housing

The Small Sites Program can help nonprofits buy apartment buildings before an investor does.

Find out if you qualify for housing lottery preferences

Improve your lottery chances with Live in the Neighborhood, Displaced Tenant, COP, or Live/Work in SF.

Get help from a housing counselor

Counselors can help with your rental application, credit score, or other housing issues.

Get help if you might be evicted

Resources if you are having conflicts, served an eviction notice, or need help paying rent.

Get help if you're in a rent controlled unit

You can get help in person and by phone from Rent Board counselors. Sessions are generally 5 to 10 minutes and there may be a wait.

Learn more about rental housing programs

Information about rent subsidies, HIV housing resources, and Section 8.