Step by step

What to do when you're sentenced to probation

These are the steps you take during and after sentencing


A probation officer will conduct an interview

Probation Officers to prepare investigation reports within legal time frames that enable the courts to make detention and disposition sentencing decisions for adult defendants.

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You report to the probation department

If you are released before a Probation Officer can conduct an interview, you will need to report to the Probation Department so you can schedule a interview with the Probation Officer.

The report will consist of detailed information regarding the circumstances of the offenses, your background, statements from involved parties, analysis of all factors in the cases, and recommendations to aid the courts in making sentencing decisions. 

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Go to your sentencing

Upon being sentenced to probation, the Judge will order you to report to the San Francisco Adult Probation Department to find your assigned probation officer. 

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Report to your officer

When you received your assigned probation officer, you must stay in frequent contact and follow all Court order and directives. 

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Officer of the Day

If your probation officer is not available, please ask for the officer of the day to check you in. 

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Last updated October 18, 2022