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Get help paying for your Shared Space improvements

We are no longer accepting applications.

We will give grants of up to $2,500 for Shared Spaces operators to bring their Shared Spaces into compliance with new guidelines. Grants can be used for materials or professional services.

We closed applications on May 2, 2022. See Compliance Grants Flyer here in English  ​​​Spanish  Chinese Traditional  Filipino

We especially serve communities which were already more vulnerable before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We are currently accepting grant applications from Shared Spaces operators who plan to apply for a permanent Shared Spaces permit and will do a project or projects to bring their Shared Space into compliance with new guidelines.  

You must complete required compliance work and get your permanent Shared Space permit before we can pay you. Grants should help reimburse costs from bringing your Shared Space into compliance. You will be required to provide documentation of the completed work (such as receipts and invoices) to receive your grant. 


Check if you are eligible for a grant


20 minutes

You must be operating a Shared Space and intend to apply for a legislated Shared Spaces permit. 

We will prioritize grant funds based on applicants that are: 

  • In areas hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic with high rates of COVID cases and deaths
  • In priority geographies based on the Areas of Vulnerability
  • In established Cultural Districts
  • Registered as legacy businesses
  • Below $2.5M in gross receipts in last reported tax year
  • Not already receiving grants through other City grants programs like SF Shines    
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Tell us how you will use the money

You must tell us how you will use the money. 

Review this list of common problems. When you apply for a grant, you will choose which kinds of projects you intend to do. See Compliance Grants Flyer.

Your new space must be in compliance with new guidelines to get a grant. See all requirements in the new Shared Spaces guidelines. 


  • Enclosure, structure and materials: If you have a Shared Space in the parking lane, ensure your enclosure, structure, or platform is stable and sturdy. Use durable materials which can withstand the outdoors. 
  • Drainage: Provide 6-inch wide by 6-inch high minimum clear gutter space along the entire length of the curb. 


  • Traffic safety: Maintain at least 20 feet from an approaching intersection and 8 feet when exiting an intersection
  • Nighttime visibility: Install reflective tape at appropriate spots on corners of Shared Space structure 

ADA safety 

  • Sidewalk diverters: Place diverters to help people who are blind or have low-vision understand  and navigate the space around them.
  • Equivalent facility: You must provide 5% but not less than one (1) accessible table available for wheelchair users. Accessible dining surfaces shall be dispersed throughout each Shared Space for each type of seating in a functional area. (Design details vary based on purpose of the Shared Space. See requirements in the Shared Spaces Manual.)   

Other safety

  • Emergency access: Provide adequate access for emergency responders like a 3-foot gap with vertical clearance, open to the sky, with removable bars.
  • Sightlines: Provide clear sightlines into and through the Shared Space. You cannot use opaque walls above 42 inches.
  • Electrical safety: Lights and electrical components must comply to updated requirements. For example, you cannot use of extension cords for permanent wiring, power cords or cable ramps cannot impede emergency access, and cords or cables must easily detachable in emergency.
  • Address visibility: Numbers of your street address must be posted with visible, highly contrasting colors, at least 6-inch lettering.  

If your project does not fall into any of these categories, we will ask you to describe your project. 

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Apply for a grant


20 minutes

Fill out our application for a grant.

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Award notification

If you are selected, we will email you.  

You must complete the work and get a permanent Shared Spaces permit before we give you grant money. 

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Do the work

Complete any projects required to bring your Shared Space into compliance with new requirements.  

You must do the work before we reimburse you. 

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Get your permanent Shared Spaces permit

You must have a permanent Shared Spaces permit to get paid.  

This may require reviews or inspections of any work you’ve completed to bring your Shared Space project into compliance with new guidelines. 

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Gather your documents

Scan receipts and invoices

Gather documentation of payment associated with the work done to bring your Shared Space up to code like receipts or invoices. Scan or take pictures of them. You will upload your receipts with your grant application. 

Complete and sign a W9

We need a completed and signed W9 to process your grant application.

Here is a blank W9 form (PDF). Complete and sign it. You will upload it with your grant application.

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Submit your materials


20 minutes

If you are selected, we will email you a link to submit required materials. You must submit the materials you gathered in Step 7.

You must submit: 

  • Your receipts and invoices

  • Completed and signed W9 for your business

You must upload required materials before we can pay you. 

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Receive your grant


Fall 2022

We will arrange for reimbursement after your permanent Shared Spaces permit is received.

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Last updated May 19, 2022