Reopening guidance for outdoor sports facilities

Documents that outdoor tennis, pickleball, golf, and pools need to open during the coronavirus pandemic.

General requirements

Operate only outside. Limit the number of participants, so that everyone can stay 6 feet apart at all times. Close water fountains, clubhouses, restaurants, lounge areas, locker rooms, fitness facilities, and retail areas. 

You can rent equipment with curbside pickup and dropoff.

Customers can only go inside to use restrooms, if there are no restrooms outside.

You can set up a reservation system. You can also reserve a space or time for older adults, or others who may be more at risk

Screen customers for COVID-19 symptoms when they come in. Everyone must wear face coverings, except when drinking water.

Competitions are only allowed without spectators. Start times must also be staggered.

Golf facilities

Players can golf in groups of up to 4 people. Stagger tee times by 10 minutes.

Only players should be on the course. No caddies or spectators are allowed, unless the player is under 18.

Fill cups or turn them upside down so players can’t reach into them. Players should not share golf carts, nor carry bags for others. Carts should be sanitized after each use.

See other COVID-19 guidance from the USGA

Tennis and pickleball facilities

You can only play singles tennis with someone from another household. Doubles tennis can be played with up to 3 different households, as long as all players stay 6 feet apart. 

Close tennis ball machines.

See other COVID-19 guidance from the USTA.

Pickleball facilities

You can play singles pickleball with someone from another household. You can only play doubles pickleball with someone who lives with you.

See other COVID-19 guidance from USA Pickleball.

Outdoor pools

Lap swimming is limited to 1 swimmer (or household) per lane. Only 2 swimmers are allowed for each 300 square feet of shared pool space.


Action required: Complete and post a Health and Safety Plan from this fillable MS Word document.

Action required: Complete and post this Social Distancing Protocol. See this protocol in  社交距離 | الإبعاد الاجتماعي | Pilipino | Español | Русский Cách Ly Xã Hội

Action required: All businesses must post information for their staff about how to report violations of COVID-19 health orders at the workplace. It is in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino. You can also download this poster in 11x17 size.

Health directive about best practices when operating outdoor pools.

Health directive about best practices for tennis, pickleball, and golf.

The Shelter-in-Place Order that states what activities are allowed and prohibited during the COVID-19 emergency.