Reopening guidance for after school programs and summer camps

Documents you need to operate during the coronavirus pandemic.

General requirements

Keep a maximum of 14 children in each space, or however many can stay 6 feet apart (whichever is less). Keep groups of children separate from each other in a different room or space.

Assign up to 2 adult staff per group of children. Have up to 4 adult staff only work with each other and with the same 2 cohorts of children.

Sessions must last at least 3 weeks. Children and youth can enroll in only 1 program at a time.

Remind parents and caregivers they must wear face coverings while at these facilities, including dropping off and picking up children. Prohibit face coverings for children under 2 years, due to risk of suffocation. Encourage face coverings for children between ages 2 and 9, and only with adult supervision. Have children 10 years and over wear a face covering.


Action required for after school programs: Complete and post a Health and Safety Plan from this fillable PDF.

Action required: Complete and post this Social Distancing Protocol. See this protocol in Español or 中文 or Filipino or русский or Tiếng Việt or عربى.

Action required: All businesses must post information for their staff about how to report violations of COVID-19 health orders at the workplace. It is in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino. You can also download this poster in 11x17 size.

Guidance for out-of-school programs for children and youth (such as after school programs).

Guidance about ventilation from the Department of Public Health, for businesses, offices, schools, faith-based and similar organizations.

Other languages: [Chinese]  [Spanish]  [Tagalog]

Guidance developed by the Department of Public Health.

See this guidance in 中文FilipinoEspañolالعربية

Quick Guide for schools for when someone has suspected or confirmed COVID-19. Includes sample letters to students and staff.

Guidance aimed at staff, for how to do COVID-19 health checks and what to do if a check is positive. Includes a handout for parents.

Health directive about best practices for out-of-school programs for children and youth (such as after school programs).

Health directive about best practices for summer camps.

Action required for summer camp providers: Complete and post a Health and Safety Plan from this fillable PDF.

The Shelter-in-Place Order that states what activities are allowed and prohibited during the COVID-19 emergency.