RFQ for Insurance Broker and Risk Management Services, 2021-23

Risk Management Division is creating a pool of pre-qualified firms to support the City's risk management needs.


The Risk Management Division is soliciting qualifications from firms with experience in successfully providing large multi-faceted municipal organizations with:

  • insurance brokerage, risk management and risk consultation services
  • software for management of insurance documentation

We will create a pool of firms (“pool”) that are pre-qualified to support the risk management needs of all City departments.

Intent of this Request for Qualification (RFQ)

It is the intent of the Risk Management Division to create a prequalified list of firms eligible for contracts. The list will be in effect for 2 years.

Firms that are rated above the minimum acceptable score will also be separately scored for specific areas of expertise as described in Sections 2.1 through 2.6.

Firms prequalified under this RFQ are not guaranteed a contract. Firms offered a contract are not guaranteed any work via task orders.


Request for qualifications from the Risk Management Division

Resolution urging divestment by insurance companies from coal and tar sands industries

Notice of Intent to Establish List of Pre-Qualified Firms

Firms approved during the RFQ process

How to apply

  1. Register as a bidder on the City's Supplier Portal
  2. Prepare RFQ documents, including:
    1. RFQ Attachment 1 - Acknowledgement of RFQ Terms and Conditions
    2. RFQ Attachment 2 - City's Administrative Requirements
    3. RFQ Attachment 3 - City's Agreement Terms and Conditions
    4. RFQ Attachment 4 - Response Template including Specific Areas of Expertise

Read the RFQ document for detailed instructions.

  1. Submit electronically using BOTH methods:
    1. Via the City’s Supplier Portal listed under Sourcing Events, “solicitation #”: https://sfsupplierportal.sfgov.org/psp/supplier/SUPP LIER/ERP/h/?tab=DEFAULT
    2. Via e-mail to the Risk Mgmt. Division addressed to both peter.goldstein@sfgov.org and to kelly.hernandez@sfgov.org

RFQ timeline

RFQ issued
March 31, 2021

Deadline for RFQ questions
April 7, 2021 by 1:00 PM PST

RFQ answers available online
April 12, 2021

Deadline for RFQ responses
April 26, 2021 by 3:00 PM PST

Notice of intent to establish a prequalified list
May 23, 2021

Pool of qualified firms established
June 15, 2021